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Hey Priya! Thanks for all the great work you're doing with the Columbus Zoo. What's your wildest animal patient story?

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Hi Jonathan! Thanks for taking questions! Was there a park(s) you visited on your journey that you found to be under-appreciated? Everyone always hears about Teton/Yellowstone/Yosemite/Grand Canyon etc. but would love to know which smaller parks captured your imagination.

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Hi Vincent! How long do cheetahs typically live in the wild? And how many litters are they generally able to rear during their lifetime? Thank you for your excellent conservation work.

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Hey Charlie! Huge fan of your work. What is it about otters that makes them so enjoyable to photograph? And was there a specific animal that first drew you in to wildlife photography?

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Hi Dina! Thanks for answering our questions. What can everyday individuals do to help put an end to the practice of songbird trapping? Especially since it seems to be specific to unique cultural circles?