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Do you have any horror stories to tell? Any unexpected success stories?

What was one problem child that really stuck out to you? One that you wanted to devote that extra bit of effort to, over and above the great job you already do?

Have you had any abysmal failures in helping the kids? You know.. the ones you just give up on?

What insights do you have to share with us Redditors that you've gleaned in your years of helping kids?

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I hear that the Pope's pilot is so skilled that he can land a plane practically without the people on the plane feeling the landing. Anything to that? Do you know?

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Many years back, I was at my Cousins place for dinner and he had a friend of his over. His friend worked as a correctional officer at a prison up here.

I got to talking with him, and asked him about what appropriate level of force would be during a breakout attempt. He told me he would grab a weapon and shoot the inmates trying to break out in the back. He was just so callous and uncaring about it, like he would be exterminating a pest.

I took issue with just how cold he was about it and he told me "They are all scum anyways and don't deserve to live."

Is this a common attitude amongst correctional officers, or was he the exception?

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Thank you for the answers, and keep doing what you are doing. Noone deserves to be thrown by the wayside.

Thank you for doing what you do.

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Ahh, I didn't know that autopilot was used to land/take off in a plane?

I've always thought that autopilot kicked in once the plane was already at cruising altitude and the pilot was able to take his hands off the controls.

TIL. :)