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MystyDikship4 karma

In my life (age 12-18) I've spent over 2,000 days in the system, at least half of that time in mental health facilities. I was a ward of the State, Wisconsin as well. I was in no way mentally unstable, in my case my father was deployed, and my care takers fell ill, however because of how the system works, when a bed at a group home, or academy wasn't open, you went wherever one was, even juvenile detention. I was mainly held at the Eau Claire Academy for close to 3 years, and then went on to my foster home where I stayed until I was 18. I've seen, and experienced quite a few things that should have NEVER been allowed to happen to a child, or even an adult during my time in the system. One thing I've come to learn years later is that the pills I was force fed were being tested on me, and others for FDA approval trials such as Seroquel in 96, and a handful never made the cut.

My questions to you are, 1st, have you ever been, or heard any of the stories about Eau Claire Academy? 2nd, were you also used as a guinea pig for any of these 40 meds you were placed on, and 3rd, did you experience or witness any neglect, or abuse? If so did anyone report it, and what was the outcome?

My experience in the system taught me many things, but the most important thing is that many of these children, and adults are voiceless, they need an unbiased advocate who will listen, and believe them! I now work with children, and made it my goal to be that voice, I know what it is like to go unheard, and hope to reach as many people as possible. Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions.