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What are your thoughts on the tendency of the American media to focus on the narrative that creates the most outrage and divisiveness rather than presenting the facts in as unbiased and nonsensational manner possible? Is it possible that mainstream media will ever move away from a business model that promotes this behaviour?

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Thanks for explaining that. I now see your point on changing the behaviour without changing the model. Best of luck to you both!

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Thanks for the response. I think your concept is an interesting one, but I'm not sure I buy the notion that it will change the current paradigm. We got here because journalistic integrity has been displaced by the need for revenue and growth that made low effort content the rule instead of the exception. Do you believe the public at large is demanding a return to journalistic integrity? Seems they are more concerned with latching on to any news source that confirms what they already believe to be true, regardless of the evidence. Then again, I might have it all wrong!

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illegally killed and somehow ending up in a food supply chain

They aren't illegally killed. They are killed. Full stop. The point at which they end up in the food supply chain is where the law is broken. A small but important distinction in this world of overhyped rhetoric.