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Mydadpicksthefruit100 karma

What is Aussie Broardbands stance on torrent / news group usage?

How often do you pass on piracy letters from movie studios and such?

What state has the highest level of downloads for consumers?

What is the most a user has download in a month?

Are there any plans for you to open offices in QLD or staying in Vic/ NSW

How often do you get offers to be purchased by larger companies like iinet and such, have you ever thought about taking one as it was too good?

Last question,

What does the future of Aussiebb hold, anything in the works people are going to like?

Mydadpicksthefruit1 karma

How much support does AussieBB offer to the community via sponsorships and such?

Are there any plans coming up that you are excited to share with us now?

Are there any plans to expand international?

How have you handled Covid has there been any redundancies?