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What is most important for the partners of men who might be struggling in these ways? What can they do to be supportive? Would that answer be different for casual hookup vs relationship?

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I think the role is reversed more often than people think. For women (and their male partners), we’re trained that the orgasm is the end-all-be-all of sex, and if we don’t have a screaming one, in ten minutes, we’re failing. So we fake it to avoid the awkwardness, or hurting a partner’s feelings.l, when really we should find a way to be honest about it— that it doesn’t always happen, it’s not the partner’s fault, and it doesn’t always detract from the enjoyment of the experience. In reality, all of the things you’ve talked about— having anxiety, getting too much in one’s own head, having too much focus on a single physical moment— can just physically prevent it from happening. Everything you said about having a partner you trust, being open about communication, de-pressurizing the act, etc— they all really resonate. Thanks for initiating this conversation.