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Classic Shmoesby.

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I've had this exact same thought, and reading it from someone else is trippy in a very, very good way. Thanks for doing this AMA, Shane (and friends)!

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Not OP, but I've been down this road recently with my nutritionist. The best, every day long term probiotic source is from natural foods, typically fermented stuff. I take a shot of Farmhouse Culture gut shot in the morning and night and it has done wonders for my gut (and mental) health! Sauerkraut is the most common probiotic rich, fermented food that's recommended, but not the only option.

I'd stay away from pills/gummies, they'll work for a few days before causing too much gas and the like. And yogurt/kefir based bacteria are typically only good for aiding digestion in the short term.

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I've read the definitions of bribery and lobbying, and it seriously seems to become straight up bribery, I can't really see a difference. Can you explain how lobbying (especially for something like big industry) is different from bribery?

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What about an average weight guy who doesn't sit at the computer all day? Can I audition? I do awesome impressions...