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Turkey bans all sorts of sites (including Wikipedia), look it up.

Plant proteins trigger it, yes. I usually don't eat large sums of corn, peas, etc and I almost never eat other legumes.

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Main: Fried asparagus and/or oyster mushroom, Turkish ravioli (with artichoke instead of minced meat), sushi (yokozuna roll, no fish)

Dessert: Baklava (traditional Turkish sweet pastry), bitter chocolate fondue

Fruit: Blueberry, stawberry

Aditionally, I LOVE salads.

Edit: Sorry, it's not Swiss fondue. I really just looked up "fondü in English" and "Swiss fondue" popped up. Turns out it wasn't precisely that.

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Bad governance.

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Yes, basically.

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No, never. I've always been haunted by the fact that I could be disabled (and I can't get used to it), so I've always kept my diet as strict as possible.