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Can I mail you guys a wedding invite? I met my fiancé at a party to watch the landing and we got engaged in April. Your team and "little" robot are fantastic matchmakers!

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Do you ever get challenged for self identifying as a nerd/geek/game girl? With your level of fame I'm sure it's less common, but can you give the rest of us some advice on how to approach that sort of situation?

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Thank you for sharing your journey- I had a bartholin's cyst and was at first too embarrassed to have it professionally evaluated. Upon the recurrence, I spoke with a doctor who scared me by immediately jumping to (vulvar) cancer and the worst case scenario, but also shamed me for not speaking with him sooner. Thankfully a second opinion outed the cyst for what it was, and I didn't require surgical intervention, but I appreciate your forwardness and overcoming the 'shame' to speak about genital afflictions which women are too often afraid to speak about!

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Give your mom another big hug proacex1- and one for yourself. You're not alone. There are survivors all around you.

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A few years ago my best (male) friend and I were talking about illnesses and cancers that afflict females, but effect whole families- he proffered that men/partners were obligated/responsible for being the first line of defense for cancers and abnormalities in the genitals of their partners ESPECIALLY in cultures where women are shamed or ostercized for coming forward.

Did your husband/partner notice your growth before you? Did he/she say anything?