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A post has 'missionary' in the title? Get him boys...

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Hello Mr. Goss, thanks for doing this. I work as an actuary on the health side. A while back I met someone who, upon hearing I was an actuary, said, "So why haven't you guys figured out Social Security yet?" I promptly told him that actuaries have known and been declaring the financial risks for Social Security for years, but that politicians haven't listened. Do you agree with this statement? Do you feel that actuaries' opinions are valued in DC? In your view, what more can actuaries and the actuarial profession do to have our voices heard on Capitol Hill and elsewhere?

edit: want to give a quick shout out to /r/actuary if anyone is interested in learning more about actuaries

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Excellent, was not aware of this resource. Thank you.

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I'm sure this will get buried but I just want to say good job Sammy, and well done to reddit. This AMA started as a disaster but reason finally came around and downvoted the jerks that were not contributing.

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Basically, this website gives proposals that have been reviewed or backed by various legislators over the past 20 years to reform SS funding. There are a ton of different proposals that attempt to fix the problem either through changing taxes or changing the distribution, or both.