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We have a patient. Let's call them "Jay". They're a regular of the hospital and psych. Everyone knows his name. It was my first week here and they told me to go straight to the E.R. Now.... I'm 6' 3" 290lbs. This guy is the hulk. We have him 5 sedation shots and put him in seclusion. He starts yelling and banging the wall. Typical Jay behavior. About 10 minutes go by we hear a scream in the medication room. I run there and there is jay upper body fully in the room. He destroyed the padded wall and was attempting to assault a nurse. I football tackle him back into seclusion and wrestle him up against the wall. Until the whole staff came in pinned him down and restrained him.

There's also many times I've had shit and piss thrown at me.

As well as a female patient staring me dead in the eye while she fists herself and defecates on the bed.

I'll probably think of more as I go haha.

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Hard to have a lot of good at a hospital of course but,

Good: I sat with a patient that was very removed. The would stare into space and not acknowledge anything. I spent the whole day talking with them. Did it for 4 days straight. On the last day me and them were coloring and I had the radio on and a song came on, something clicked and they started smiling and moving in their seat. I stood up and asked if they wanted to dance. They took my hand and danced with me and started singing along. I felt like I helped them that day.

Bad: I've countless times had to get a person down that were in the process of hanging themselves with a shower curtain or sheet or stop the bleeding from self inflicted cuts. Or seeing the family of a body I'm about to transport to the morgue.

The thing that killed me the most was transporting my first baby to the morgue. That sadness stays with you.

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And I almost forgot that fear that hits you when they recognize you out in public when you're at Walmart with your family

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I was 17. Made the mistake of lying about being a virgin to my girlfriend at the time and we had a threesome with her friend. Greatest 3 minutes of my life.

I thank my unhealthy porn habit when i was young for it even lasting that long

Edit: I say mistake lightly

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They're definitely hyped up for movies and the staff of these hospitals are a little more competent than nurses on movies.

But as for the people admitted to them, some are not far off. The rocking back and forth, the frayed hair missing chunks from ripping it out in their sleep, the complete disconnect from reality, it's all well depicted. In most movies I see with psych wards I can relate a bunch of patients in movies to patients I've personally met. The most interesting is the depiction of multiple personality syndromes. They're mostly on the dot.

I had a guy that would walk around the hall normally. He'd go to his room, it'd be quiet. Then suddenly you'd hear 5 different people talking. Different accents, different dialects and tone. Completely different people. But it was just him.

He believed he was in a concentration camp. You would hear true screams of pain from him being "tortured" and yelling "I'm sorry!" Then hearing the camp officer respond. It's a freaky thing to experience.