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When HS exploded a lot of similar games spawned, trying to do HS like gameplay (trying to also imitate the slick UI HS has) but with some twists and changes.

Do you think there are other mechanics or interesting changes that were born in CCGs post-HS that Hearthstone should try to implement?

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What other subtitles you considered? Too, Together... Tonight, A Ton?

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How hard is to make the tech behind "the ships move at the rhythm of your own music"? I think Beat Hazard and Audiosurf only manage to do this properly, because other games that I tried of "doing something with your own music" can't sync anything right.

I love BH, played it for a lot of hours (and probably a lot more since I couldn't find time to play the DLC), but I know sometimes the game is not perfect and some of the big moments of a song or some key rhythm doesn't fit with the enemies movement. How are the improvements going to be on this sector for BH2?