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CCP made $76,721,964 revenue in 2013, PWE made $444,709,724 revenue in 2012.

Which business model do you think companies would want to copy?

I don't think any of us (gamers or developers) really like a business-driven games industry, but that's the reality and the point he's making.

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I looked at the revenue, because CCP actually reported a loss of $20 million that year, while PWE had a net income of over $85 million that year. (All figures USD.)

While on one level we could look at game vs game, that doesn't accurately reflect the market. I mean, we could compare WoW with other individual games, but it would give us a terrible idea of how successful the subscription model is.

There's one EVE Online (CCP), there's dozens of F2P (PWE). The market supports a ton of the F2P games that PWE is known for, but how many EVE Online type games do you think the market would support?

So we can't look at EVE Online and see that model would be a success, any more than we can look at WoW and see that model would be a success. Plenty of WoW emulators have failed. At the same time, we can see that dozens of PWE-type games can simultaneously survive and profit.

Any one individual company trying to start an MMO is going to expect more success emulating PWE's model than CCP's model.

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Oh, that makes a lot more sense. Not pirated software (which could be of questionable quality), but exceeding the terms of their license.

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I would assume that manufacturing and QC in the automotive industry is done by rather large commercial entities. Do these companies really pirate presumably key parts of their business?

I can't imagine Ford pirating software for making and testing their parts. The risk and liability would seem far too large.

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It does make sense that Adobe wouldn't mind Photoshop being pirated for personal use. Now that "Photoshop" has become a verb, they have a pretty dominant position in image editing. Any business will likely think of them first.