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Haha! I try not to ask them open ended questions when their mouth is loaded with dental tools, if that's what your asking ;)

Some patients do better with us distracting them with stories, one-way conversation, or the TV on the ceiling with pet/animal videos.

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Haha, I love Seinfeld! It blew my mind to go back and watch it recently only to realize that Bryan Cranston was the dentist.

As you know, us dentists have tall mountains to climb when it comes to anti-dentites. Hopefully us putting out some killer fun games will help to show others that we're not just sadists, haha.

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I'm a HUGE fan of his work. I think he's one of the best in the industry at designing elegant games, or games with simple rules and emerging interactions and strategies. I find complex/fiddly games can sometimes detract from the core fun, and I prefer games where player interaction/influence can have a strong effect on the experience, so Knizia Games hit the sweet spot for me. Here are some of my favorites of his published games: https://bitewinggames.com/top-10-reiner-knizia-games/

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I've also learned a lot from the Board Game Design Lab! That's a huge rabbit hole of resources and information to help learn about publishing and design. https://boardgamedesignlab.com

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I think laser dentistry is pretty cool and has come a long way (although it is still rather expensive to get equipment for). There are lasers now that can numb tissue (so you don't need a numbing shot) and drill into teeth by simply energizing water molecules, so all the patient feels is a spray of water. Pretty wild stuff.