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I've read before how you're an enthusiast about keeping "personal analytics" and I noted that you touched on that in your recent essay/post. What have been the most useful personal analytics that you've tracked? And, if I may ask a follow-up to that: What have been the most interesting or surprising finding that you've discovered about yourself or your life as a result?

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A diet is typically less than 1200 calories a day.

Could you provide links to a few open access, peer reviewed sources, published in respected scientific or medical journals that back up this assertion which you just made?

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What, in your view, are the best current hypotheses about the molecular mechanisms of memory? And how long will it be until we solve the question? It seems that eliminating hypotheses will be much easier now with CRISPR providing a quicker cycle of experimental feedback.

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This is a morbid question, but have you ever calculated the likellihood that someone in Iraq or Afghanistan (or other conflict zones) who worked as a translator / interpreter for the US (or Canada or other allies) gets killed if they aren't relocated?

If you've done the math, tell me, what are the odds? or the half-life?

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Prof. Schekman, I recently read your opinion piece in The Guardian, and you encouraged scientists publications to be judged by "the quality of the science", not by journal name or Impact Factorâ„¢. How do you suggest that one evaluate "the quality of the science"? What are the questions that I, as a graduate student, need to ask when reading (or reviewing) a paper in order to assess its "quality"?