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I think the key to know that no matter what religion or denomination we choose it will not be perfect. Any organization run by humans will be flawed, why? because humans are flawed. We just aren't perfect, like Jesus, so any organization that is run by humans will have its short comings.

I think anyone looking for an excuse not to follow a denomination will easily find one, you're always going to have disagreements. But just like a marriage between two people, you should look to the positive and not the negative of that person/organization. Anyone can find faults in their own spouse just like anyone can find faults in their own religion.

The key is to focus on the core of that person and/or religion, which at its core, Christianity and Jesus teach us love, love for ourselves, love for others, and love for God... Above all else that is what matters most

Murfdigidy-2 karma

How mad are you gonna be when Trump gets re-elected?