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When Hermione is turned into a cat after pulling a cat hair off Millicent Bullstrode's robes - that was actually me! Emma had an allergic reaction to the glue used for the make up, so I stepped in.

When Nick Dudman's team made a model of Hermione for when she is petrified by the Basilisk they actually took a cast of my body. It was very similar to when you break your arm and have a plaster cast they basically covered my whole body in that.

Also a lot of the chess scene was me! Which was soooo much fun to film with all the explosions and moving parts. That set was up in the flight shed which was at the end of the runway at Leavesden studio and although it was freezing it was always special to film there. - Flick

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I actually did "punch" Tom as one of the shots was over the shoulder, that was a fun scene to film in Scotland! Not sure if my take made it into the film, I didn't quite punch him hard enough! - Flick

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A mark of a great creature effects team! They took a cast of my face and then built the cat mask around that. The mask was made up of hundreds of pieces, to the point where even each whisker was individually stuck to me. The make up took about three hours to do and once it has been used it can't be used again, so they had several copies of the mask pieces. I think it looks more CGI that it actually is because they CGI'd (if that is a word) the eyes. - Flick

Here is a photo if you'd like to see (second in the carousel) --> https://www.instagram.com/p/CVNxuWVoFMH/

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No, I'm not a body double anymore. Hermione is the only person I have ever doubled for - and I don't think I could possibly double for anyone better - so really my doubling career peaked at the age of 10-14 haha! And yes - all stunt people can be doubles, but body doubles can't be stunt people as they are awesomely talented people who have taken exams, etc., in certain areas in order to perform their work safely. Stunt people are truly amazing!!! -Flick

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I was super lucky with how I got the job as Hermione's double. I went to a drama class in a church hall after school - it was pretty low key - and the woman who ran the class also had an agency. She asked my Mum if she could have some pictures of me, so my Mum gave her a few snaps and few weeks later the audition for Hermione's double came up. I think although I don't look much like Emma now, at the time we were the same height, build, had a similar hair colour, and similar shape face. When I auditioned, I basically had to stand next to Emma and then Chris Columbus and David Heyman looked at us through the camera lens. Then they got me to stand with Dan and Rupert to see how I lined up against them. They seemed happy, so I originally contracted to 12 weeks work - which then ended up being about 4 years!!! - Flick