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Why are you not using aircraft?

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How often do you comment on r/relationships or r/relationship_advice ?

Do they heed your advice?

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Im not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand you get to study a course which happens to be taught in another language and amongst that community - I'm not sure if it insensitive to liken this to studying in a foreign language school and be engrossed in their culture. This is surely a good experience if you want to connect with the community.

On the other hand I feel that a deaf person would benefit far more in taking the place you took at that particular university. For them, it may perhaps be a more difficult choice to attend another institution. Whereas you theoretically had a much easier choice to make, with more 'convenient' opportunities being a hearing person.

I guess in the end it is the institution's choice, and they accepted you for a reason so in that regard the moral or ethical responsibility is on them. I assume that you have had no hard feelings from the deaf community for your joining?

Could you comment or add to what I have said? I am pretty ignorant in these matters but I feel there could be an interesting ethical concern here.