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Sorry if you answered this elsewhere, but how is she able to interact with wild magpies (and feed the younger ones) if she is in an enclosure? Is she let out to roam during the day and then goes back on her own or do the wild birds come and sit on the chicken wire and just interact through it?

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I am a teacher in the United States and once had a student from Ghana. He was older than I was and a grandfather, but finally made it to where he could work on his goals.

You all have great aspirations- lawyer, journalist, engineer, etc. What are your plans to try and reach those goals? Is the any community pressure to keep you at home to just work and provide?

The program you are in is working on appropriate treatment of girls and women. How do you hope to help stop society's acceptance of domestic violence once you leave school? I'm not suggesting being a super hero and confronting people directly (because it can be dangerous), but what would you like to do to help educate people the way you have been educated?

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As a middle school science teacher, has your team ever considered hosting teacher fellows to help with the research, similar to Teach Earth Fellowships? Teachers could help on the project for a couple of weeks to see what the research is like and find ways to incorporate it into curriculum. For myself, because clearly I'm interested, I teach life science and our last unit is on human-environmental interaction within ecosystems. Being able to help would be super interesting and relevant to what I teach.