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MsNamkhaSaldron43 karma

Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say

all communication has been cut off

I’m very curious as to what that means for peoples’ daily life (what is banned, etc), what sort of communication is happening within Kashmir (like, are there people breaking rules and finding ways to communicate), exactly who has cut off communication and what you think the goal/aim/purpose is for doing this? It would be great to just hear your inside account, in conversational style, as opposed to the perspectives of traditional and biased news reporting.

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MsNamkhaSaldron26 karma

I’ve definitely heard that the warehouses can be pretty bad, so now you are confirming that so vividly. I’m sorry you had to go through that. It sounds worse than prison, and all for $15/hr!!

I am a bit more curious about the at-home call center job. Did you just go to amazon.jobs for that job too? What was the interview/hiring process like?

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I have a full-time job at a university and don’t have one months savings. I literally am lucky if there is $100 left in a month after paying my bills, keeping myself fed, looking presentable for work etc. I’m really trying to get on a more frugal budget, and sure I do spend some money on entertainment, but most salaries don’t provide a savings against the current cost of living. I make $42000 a year, pay around $1000/month for a studio apartment, and am allergic to gluten, which limits cheap grocery options. I really think you’d be surprised by how many folks live this way. One large purchase a year keep most on a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Like if my computer broke, so much for a savings this year. Etc. I can’t even manage paying for a car.