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Thank you for doing this AMA as well as producing documentaries. When asked, I always suggest that everyone watch State of Mind. I've been saving up to do one of your tours for about 3 years now but I've been struggling with my curiosity to see it first hand, but also my morale outrage that I'd be lining the pockets of "The Kims". If I took one of your tours, can you please tell the break-down of where my money would go? Again, I'm extremely interested in experiencing N. Korea first hand, but the thought that I'd be helping the State say, buy more weapons to "guard" and oppress more people in Yodok keeps me up at night.

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Hi Baker, HUGE fan and backer of "I'm fine thanks" - my husband and I are in the process of selling all of our crap (paid off all our debts) to do what we love... travel. We set sail in 2014 but it'll have been a 4 year process to mentally prepare us to make this leap. I want to thank you for all your advice and putting yourself out there as an inspiration to others. On the documentary front, I feel that "I'm fine thanks" touched on the huge mental overhaul it takes to "wake-up" but I wish it would've gone deeper or maybe even showcased one person/family as they made that shift from the beginning so we could connect to them more emotionally. Seen their day to day in a job they hated to the juxtaposition of what their days look like now. I feel that you're on the precipice of breaking this thing wide open with "I'm fine thanks" and want you to press the envelope even more! Everyone I love and care about needs to know that it doesn't have to be this way, that if they're unhappy they can change it, to be brave enough to step off the cliff and know that it'll all be ok. I have loaned out my copy of "IMT" but if there were an episodic show about complacency, consumerism, debt, getting to the root cause of the why's & how's no one could stop that awesome train. I'm hear to just say that your gut is right, move forward with that thought. ;) I look forward to seeing what you & Grant come up with... as a pure enthusiast if I could lend a hand in any way please don't ever hesitate to ask those of us that owe you alot. Thank you for the wake-up call.