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Legally they cannot. The ship has no authority to hold her and while US authorities could detain her or send her to a quarantine location they can't deny entry.

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I mean he can't say, and it would be irresponsible for him to speculate, because there isn't enough scientific data to say what effect it has.

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Under ordinary circumstances this is true, this is much less true when everyone and their uncle is contacting everyone even remotely govt affiliated about unemployment delays, stimulus checks and complaints about lockdown and lockdown violations.

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Did you ask the LAPD or CBP to force the ship to allow you to disembark? You really should have, as legally they were violating the law by keeping you onboard.

Which means that you have grounds to sue not just the company but the US govt.

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Well sometimes they pay them not to plant at all or to plant a fixer crop to help renew the soil and that in my opinion works well and should be done more as it is generally beneficial to the environment.