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I wish I could up vote that a million times.

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I was forced by the courts into rehab because my husband was a medical cannabis user in a non-legal state. As you can imagine I was quite the "problem" for my counselor, and in one our discussions he admitted that rehab, and 12 step programs basically move the addiction from the drug of choice onto other things, notably drug abuse programs. That is why you see so many former addicts working on the addiction field. Would you agree or disagree?

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I will be the first to say that no one should be a douche to an officer, but this has always bothered me.. Punishing someone for being a douche seems Anti-American to me. That whole freedom of speech thing. Have you or any of your fellow officers ever looked at it from that perspective?

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Does the relationship between the rehab industry and the parole/probation department ever bother you?

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In one post you almost seem remorseful that you had to send someone to jail because of a cannabis violation, yet in this post you seem almost giddy at the thought of P/O violators forced into treatment at a rehab where the industry works hard to keep the war on cannabis in effect, so they can continue the steady supply of P/O violators.

Can you clarify?