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Mrs_Brisby40 karma

Former Chuck-E-Cheese employee here as well.

Be very VERY germ hygiene aware if you haven't already been informed. CEC's tend to be highly contaminated environments due a constantly influx of kids running around and slobbering on everything.

After working there about 3 months, I ended up catching mononucleosis and streptococcus b at the same time. My throat was so completely ravaged I had to goto the ER because I couldn't even swallow water.

Keep safe.

Mrs_Brisby1 karma

I saw that too.... I would warn her that she has a few days to prevent this horrible illness from besetting her, but, if she were to prevent it, would that end up stopping her from going back in time in the first place, and thus not being able to avoid getting sick?

My god. Perhaps she was suffering from a temporal fever induced by paradox syndrome.

Poor girl :(

Edit: Oh shit... if she did prevent it.. than she wouldn't be making this post, and thus we wouldn't be commenting on it.... oh god... its going to effect us soon too!