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Can I ask a few questions?

  • Do you know what happened to the SR characters we don’t ever really hear about? People like Chemcat and Bruce? What about Backopy? ... Did anyone live happily ever after?

  • Do you think Ross will die in prison? As in, as an old man I mean. Or do you think reform could happen? (Speculate please!).

  • Do you ever write to people like Libertas or Mongoose or Ross? If so, How are they?

  • I remember you from 2011 I was just an interested observer of the SR forums I was way too timid and scared to ever get involved. But I really enjoyed your contributions and have bought a couple of your books. Well done for your work. 🌪🔥

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Oh wow that Ross thing is true then. I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.

MrsPopoff2 karma

That’s fine. I’m happy to just imagine him on a beach in Tahiti. 😅

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Thanks very much for the answers. Would love to know how Bakopy’s life turned out.