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hi Calpernia, Mrs.Beann here. I know this AMA is mostly about your movie. I have not seen it yet, but will make sure I do now! I may be an adult, but you actually made me google transsexual, and also transgender. I'm not sure I understand it properly though. Is this right? Transsexual is feeling you're in the wrong body (man in woman's, or woman in man's) and is transgender then after you've had a sexchange operation? Is transgender than also still transsexual? while transsexual isn't nexessary transgender?

Hope you don't mind the question. Also, I'm curious as to how old you were when you found out. it must've been so hard for you to grow up feeling that way. I'm glad you're much more comfortable with yourself, and others, now! You are very courageous, and I thank you for giving us a chance to ask questions. Sorry this is long. I'll go now. (may be back after watching your movie though ;) ) all the best xxx MrsBeann

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I thought reddit didn't allow posts begging for money?

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hi peach, thank you so much for helping out! Yes, transvestite is clear. And I also totally get the gender identity thing, about who they are, what they feel like/identify with, and that it has nothing to do with sexual preference. It must be the saddest thing, to find yourself in the wrong body! I think transgender is a better word than transsexual, for sure. But I'm still wondering if the difference has to do with sex change operation, or if its just an updated word meaning the same thing, except it's making it clearer that it had nothing to to do with sexual orientation. Still trying to make sense of those wikipedia articles. Maybe now I'm more awake, I should have another coffee and try read that again ;)

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do you have other children, who could help her learn though play, or is she your first one?

edit: also, have you thought about her going to school? Is there a suitable school for her closeby, or will her schooling require you to move in the near future?

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wow! I didn't know they did such a thing. Learning something new every day.

My question: Are you still in touch with anybody in Haiti since you left? Is there a life long bond now, or is it.. "just" another place you visited?