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Why did it take 3 years for this to finally conclude? And why didn't/don't you sue them for ruining 3 years of your life?

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HI All!

Besides Colossal Order games, of course, what games are your favorite to play? What are you favorite games from 20 years ago?

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I measured the temperature of my hot tap water and it's 135F, I guess I'm in luck!

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Dear Dr. Krauss and Dr. Dawkins,

Would you rather be better known for your contributions to Science or to Secularism?

When you die, which would your rather be more remembered for?

Do you want people to say, “Oh Krauss/Dawkins, you mean the atheist?” or “Oh Krauss/Dawkins, you mean the famous Cosmologist/Evolutionary Biologist?”

Best regards.

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Dear Mr. Aldrin,

What do you think should be the first words spoken on the surface of Mars? Do you think someone should repeat Neil's quote, and thus cement this phrase in history, or something else?

Thank you!