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I just checked my post history. I don't think I have - or if I have it was deleted.

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You're very welcome. I figured reddit would be interested.

This morning? I don't know! I don't remember it. I'm on EST so it's 2100 here now. My last clear memory is from around... 1400. It gets fuzzy after that. My notes say I slept in a good bit and had steak and eggs for breakfast.

How in-depth the notebook is depends on the day. Some days I feel the need to write EVERYTHING I can down and other days only have a few hastily scrawled reminders. The front few pages of the notebook (the part that explains my condition and the part I read first) is rather detailed about what I can expect out of my daily experience.

Creative interests? I'm glad you asked. I'm a writer and I'm currently in the middle of writing a book (a mix of poetry and exegesis of the poems) about faith in suffering. It's not too hard to write because I write the poems and explanations all in one go, so there's not too much I lose in continuity.

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I was a lurker before the accident.

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It's difficult but I think it's harder on the people I'm forming the relationship with than for me. I'm an open, gregarious, accepting guy. I'm willing to tell my story to stranger on the bus (or on the internet) and I'm willing to accept them for who they are at the drop of a hat. So, when I'm meeting someone for the 20th time for them and the 1st time (again) for me, I'm willing to be friends. That being said, I still have a relatively functional subconscious memory. So people I have seen often will start to look familiar (though I won't know why). If you and I were to start hanging out on a weekly basis and then I were to pass you on the street, I would think "Oh! I know them from... somewhere... I think..."

So yeah, I make friends still. I actually lost contact with most of my friends from church and school when the accident happened. I don't blame them at all. Who has time for the mentally impaired when you're busy graduating and getting married and finding a job?

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Funniest? Man, that's a hard one - not because there's so many but because I don't remember. I'm sure there are thousands. One from this evening was this: when having dinner with a friend they said "Hey, do you remember the other day when..." and I just stared at them with a little smile until they realized what they'd said and felt horrible about it. We laughed about it though, so I wasn't too cruel, I think.

I'm a cuddle-whore (though not a man-whore these days - I have a faith that keeps me from sex) so I've woken up next to a few people I didn't recognize. I have a note to remind myself to tell them that they need to slap my notebook in my hands the moment I open my eyes and say "read this." There haven't been too many problems - or at least none that I wrote down.