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MrTHORN743 karma

I would like to know why the ACLU doesn't do more to support the 2nd amendment?

I have never seen them help the NRA or the 2nd amendment foundation in their litigation against unconstitutional "gun control" laws. I thought the core of the ACLU was to defend our civil liberties as spelled out by the Constitution and the bill of rights.

The ACLU should be standing right next to the NRA on every law suit against city, state, and federal gun laws that limit our freedoms and go against the words and sentiments of our founding fathers.

MrTHORN742 karma

Yeah .... 10 mile north is a (now) closed nuke powerplant. In either case we would all be dead in a milisecond with a direct high yield nuke strike... So really wouldn't even know what hit me.

MrTHORN741 karma

Not all of them. There is/was a Nike missle site in the town I grew up in. It is 40 miles north of Chicago. I would guarantee you my home town wasn't the target.