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Being from Crimea myself, and with family still there, it should be noted that this AMA can be considered propoganda too. Please consider that the OP too has strong biases, and they may be laced with an appeal to our ethos. So please people, remain skeptics. OP doesn't represent all of Ukraine or Crimea.

When I came to america and when people asked where I came from I was never sure whether to call myself Russian or Ukrainian. The war for crimea has been going on for a very long time. What family still there tells me is, that becoming an independent nation is a favorable option. Many many people want independence there.

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The problem in Crimea right now is 2 separate countries are trying to decide who crimea is loyal to.

If I was to place myself in their shoes, I wouldn't want another country deciding what my opinion is. I'd like to make that decision on my own.

The joining the Russian federation part is a separate matter that can be discussed after independence is established. If joining the RF and becoming independent are bunched together of course its going to give a controversial feel to it.

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Interesting, it seems Ehler-Danlos might have a correlation with POTS.

If so then that means your parasympathetic system which is the rest and digest part of your nervous system might be the culprit to these problems.

It might be underproducing the chemicals that should be made when you stretch, which results in your heart going haywire.

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How would I know? Let the people decide that fate.