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Seconded on a wish to have this more clearly explained. The standing argument I have received with regards to the "proper" way to go about this, as it has been said to me by those that don't see the current caravan situation as proper, is that asylum seekers are best to have the process application submitted, remotely, WELL prior to any attempt to arrive at or near the location they seek asylum within.

Is there any greater merit to doing the process this way? when the very nature of seeking asylum may come with the inherent implication that the seekers are not in a safe situation to process the paperwork with greatly advanced notice?

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Whether it is a 'benefit' or not, it is an integral component of the due process guaranteed within the jurisdiction of the US. The fact is that even if one breaks the law, the basic rights afforded in the nations laws are still applied, and the argument could be made that especially in the case of a criminal, the protections and rights afforded to them, under due process is essential, because otherwise, those freedoms become naught but a facade, that vanishes the moment the populace is displeased. To ensure long-standing freedom for all, continuous rights must be afforded, even to those we think less of.

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And yet that has not stopped the argument to be made to me that asylum seekers shouldn't "just be showing up and demanding asylum". Fair to say there is some perceived misconceptions on the process. I have long been interested on better understanding the subject matter of the application process, myself, so that I can better have a dialogue with those that start conversation the matter

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Oh, I don't need to try (future tense), I am painfully aware of how excruciating confirmation bias and perceived attacks on personal identity politics can be to deal with, when having a dialogue on hot political topics. Conversation never turns pretty when you try to tell an individual that the only reason there is a disagreement is because they have been fundamentally misinformed by what they see as a fundamentally reliable source.

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I'd be more than willing to grant some understanding, and credit some of the misinformation to those that have been genuinely mislead by the trolling. Some genuinely think there is a different way.