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Michael, you won't remember me - we use to email one another way back when you were working with Peter at Dreamworks Interactive, I think I sent you a cassette or a CD once? - but I wanted to say thank you for all the music you've created since then, most especially for your work with the Wachowskis. Speed Racer is one of my very favorite movies ever and a large part of that is because of your music.

I guess I only have one question: Way back when your website first went up, you had sheet music from the first two MOH games on there (the title to the first game and Under The City from MOH:U). Is there any chance you can get them (or other cues!) reposted? I've always wanted to try my hand at transcribing your MOH stuff to solo piano.

Thank you so much again.


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How would you say your approach to the new Spiderman will differ from the previous James Horner's installment?

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I had no idea you guys did a cream soda and now my soul feels empty having missed it. I wonder if it was regional, because I didn't see any in CT/NJ

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I'm not OP but I believe if someone refuses to follow the order to launch, they are relieved of duty on the spot and the order is then given to the next in command. If that person refuses, its the same thing until someone acknowledges and moves forward with the President's orders

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I hope to see it on my shelf one day, along with my piano books from Rogue One and Tomorrowland. Cheers!