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About the same.

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Yes. Abbott and Turnbull have so far got away with blue murder on this. The cost to the taxpayer as a result has been beyond belief.

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To intervene radically in 2008 to stop Australia from falling into a deep economic recession.

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The truth is that when you are in elected office, the very nature of both a cabinet and parliamentary decision making process is that it involves various levels of compromise. In other words, you may not end up producing a result that fully satisfies your own beliefs and aspirations; but in order to get it through the cabinet and parliamentary process, compromises are made which may result in you getting 70% of what you were seeking to achieve. My simple argument is that 70% is better than 0% and in bringing about that outcome, it means by definition that those in the political process may have to exercise some restraint in giving full public vent to their policy passions on every given issue. Given that this Reddit IAMA is about Murdoch, in defence of my own position, could I make absolutely plain to those reading this that while I was still in office as Prime Minister, I gave full vent to what Murdoch was then doing in the 2013 election campaign to destroy the NBN in active political coalition with the Liberal party. I did not simply being talking about this having left office.

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As I said just before, I'd be less trusting of some of the folks I worked with.