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Harris' foam corner, what? Harris' foam corner, uh!

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Hey guys, I love your podcast, and I appreciate the insight you guys give me about the economy and how it effects the world around us.

a few questions:

*Is there any country right now that you look at economically which you'd say actually scares you in terms of affecting our every day lives as Americans?

*What is your favorite story that you've done with Planet Money?

*Has there ever been a story that you'e set out on that has genuinely surprised you in it's outcome?

Thanks a ton guys!

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Kristen and Craig are my favorite late night duo ever.

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What's your favorite song and why is it, "she wants to be in the middle, she wants to be in the middle of us"?

Edit: I'll take your answer in the form of the horn section of the Ariana grande song.

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Hey Grace. I'm a huge fan! I'm also a 30 year old straight male. I swear we actually exist.

I don't want to get too deep as we know, it's not your strong suit. So i was wondering if you had the choice between fighting one human sized dick, or fighting 20 normal sized dicks, what would you choose?

Thanks and i can't wait to see you at Trident on the 22nd!