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That's just a great story! It not only gives us a new insight into history, but also gives most redditors new insight into the early 1970s.

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I thought the jurisprudence of Full Faith and Credit was pretty well settled in regard to marriage, and that Section 2 was essentially a restatement of the caselaw. States don't have to recognize marriages from other states that have different laws regarding age and consanguinity.

Law review article on the subject

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The conductor is back in one of the train cars. It's the engineer who may need counseling, having seen the person step in front of the locomotive.

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The engineer drives. The conductor has responsibility for the train, even signaling the engineer when it's safe to proceed, when a stop is necessary, etc., and usually also takes tickets himself. Other trainmen are on most trains, and they report to the conductor.

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To detrain at a flag stop, tell the trainman. He'll buzz the engineer to tell him to stop.

"Use light at night" is the practice for flag stops in dark countryside. Not many of those left, except on the South Shore. Burning newspaper was a technique from the really old days of interurbans, because the flashlights on people's iPhones weren't as bright back then.