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Do you ever wish you had hair any where? I know me myself would find it a bit odd living without hair, but maybe it's not so bad? Life experiences, like, has it ever caused social problems or anything?

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Hello Twitch,

I'm a small time streamer. I've seriously never pulled in anymore than 10 viewers at once and have never topped 25 followers. That's fine, and low numbers aren't going to prevent me from streaming, albeit discouraging. As someone who has the intentions of streaming to educate players as best as I can, I feel like I'm not accomplishing what I came and set myself out to do because there's no one there. Sure, I'm not the most entertaining person, but I'm buried hundreds upon hundreds of streamers that everyone already knows. I don't feel like I have a chance, despite me using services for nearly 5 years. Would you guys be willing to put any changes into that, because it feels to me that you guys don't really care about us small guys. One day on Hitbox.tv made me feel happy as I felt I was worth something there. I talked to their support directly over Twitter, but even that made me feel like I was a human, and not a user.

Another question I'd like to bring up is in regards to the changes made to the VOD system. Sure, VOD's aren't the biggest deal to most streamers, as most of the attention is focused on the actual stream itself. However, as someone who plays MMO's often on my stream, I will usually play music over it. That grind gets pretty boring sometimes, and the game music just doesn't service hundreds of hours of listening often. Now, perhaps something really special happens, and I want to share it. There shouldn't be an issue with that, unless it happens to be caught in that huge, 30 minute block in which the music was caught. That's awful. Absolutely awful. Why 30 minutes?

Also, it was stated through official blogs and the like that implementing this system was in the best interest for the company and it's users. However, I don't ever recall seeing that someone playing music over their stream actually causing issue for you guys or a streamer. We've been doing it since the beginning, and the users have put you where you are now. If we put you there without our suffering, and we weren't putting ourselves through any suffering, why would you put this down on us?

Also, hearing that it's affecting in game music is not OK. I've been wanting to get into speed running for a while, and knowing that if I did anything that was worthwhile, and having that segment muted, that voids any commentary that could assist the community or inform the player. That goes completely against what I started streaming for in the first place, and as it seems with these changes, and what we feel may come next, Twitch doesn't feel like a home to me anymore. The delay which makes my life harder to keep what little viewers I have come in, my inability to edit most of my VOD's now and the unexpected deletion of many (that I can't go back and get now) makes me feel like Twitch doesn't care about me as a person.

Twitch used to feel like a home, but now it feels like a cheap service. What can you do for someone like me that would make me want to continue using your service? What can you provide that will help me grow and feel motivated to continue streaming, expanding not only me, but you?

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Ah, thank you for the response! It's interesting to get the other sides point of view. Glad it's not a terrible discomfort, besides the red eyes.