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I have to say, the inscription you put in my copy of Braniac is far and away my favorite ever, so thanks for that.

I guess that's not a question so... how'd you get so awesome and stuff?

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That's two Charlie Sheen references.

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You're welcome! I'm not sure that Rush Holt joke has aged all that well.

See, I would have forgotten about Rush Holt without that joke. I still find it hysterical, although that might be completely tied to the Arrested Development reference.

If I'm awesome at all it's only because I was bitten by a radioactive game show contestant as a child. (It was that weirdo with the beard who figured out how to cheat at Press Your Luck.)


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Put "Hello, reddit!" in http://foddy.net/reddit.txt and you're in.

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He gets occasional emails from jerks like me who spot the ones that make it through.