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One job, McElroy. You had one job.

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Justin, How's the pasta pass working out? Has Chuck been a reliable backup when you just can't finish that massive, delicious bowl of pasta?

(BTW: Can't wait to confuse my fellow Virginian commuters with the "other horse is a ghost" bumper sticker.)

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Thank you to everyone who is participating in this — as an earth sciences junkie, it's so great to have you here! I'm going to get greedy and put in a few questions.

  • Brian: So much has changed since 1980 in terms of how disasters are handled by state and local govt. Knowing some peaks are more impactful than others, can you highlight some of the ways WA EMD is prepared to handle the next big volcanic event?
  • What emerging technologies could help unlock some of the Cascades' biggest mysteries (like the mapping of St. Helens's volcanic conduit)?
  • Finally, what is it about Mount St. Helens that, 40 years later, still stirs the imagination of so many?

Thanks again!

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We hear about Etna and Kilauea/Mauna Loa's eruptions almost on a yearly basis in the media (along with the frenzied fears of Yellowstone and St. Helens erupting again, of course), but what would your team say is the most interesting volcanic event taking place right now in the world that isn't being covered as much?

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Thanks for the answer, Brian! It will be something to see how the Toutle continues to evolve in the future, for sure.