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Wow. It looks like Fall Guys is really popular and you shitting on them is a bad idea and your AMA is barely getting attnetion.

What's with all the shitty ads you guys run? I understand that you need to advertise otherwise your money would only come from basement dwelling superweebs, but why?

I don't expect an answer.

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Hey, thanks for an excellent summary! And all of your hard work! I've voted already, I just forget about the connection between popular and electoral votes. 4 years of the orange man and I'm already losing faith in democracy. :C

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I did not know that. Thank you.

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PS: I'm voting for Biden so spare me your liberal outrage railing against the absolutely true statements I made above.

This is what I took offense to. I detest both parties. I know it's easier to be lumped into a specific category. But I think both sides have good stances on this issue or that one.

For instance, I believe women should get to do with their bodies what they want in terms as in debates about abortion. But I also believe that I should be able to own a firearm, as long as I've been properly trained in safety and handling.

I seem to remember that these are viewpoints from competing parties.

Either way, I appreciate our polite discussion and must apologize for my rudeness.

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Wow, thanks for assuming I have any political bearing and side with any party on any one subject! I could care less how you vote, only that you do!

Also thanks for the summary of the connection between electoral college votes and state population. That does make sense more than how I thought it should work, i.e. one person one vote. It is a better idea, sort of. Thought wouldn't one person with only one vote kinda do the same thing? And then that one person's voice is heard, rather than having it filtered through state representatives to potentially go a different direction?

My question for you would be:. If you could design a better voting system, how would you?

PS: just reiterating, I don't care how you voted, just that you do.