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MrCauchemar18 karma

A situation like that really grows on you, how did you deal with it?

MrCauchemar13 karma

That's really unfortunate, I too felt that way when I was in the hospital although it was a much smaller scale incident than this. I could only imagine how painful and confusing it must have been to not know what is going on and having a strong attachment to something and the fear of letting it go or losing it, in this case your parents were those attachments. I am glad you came out of it fine and haven't let it affect your life for the better. And please don't ever believe you won't amount to anything, it's one of the worst poisons you can put inside your body without even knowing. You are an admirable person to come out of a situation like that and come here to a crowd of strangers to share your stories and answer questions for them. Thank you for your time here, I wish you a great recovery and life to come.

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I suppose it is hard to relate to a situation like that in real life v.s. a crowd of thousands. Well anyways I'm glad I could at least attempt to make the situation better for you and again wish you the best in your future.