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I once told a guy I had it and said he could go away and think about it before sleeping with me, no pressure either way...he came round a few nights later, got into bed with me, we got naked, were kissing etc etc and then he just stopped and said 'actually, I don't want to have sex with you the risk of social stigma is just too much for me to deal with'. He waited till I was very naked and vulnerable to tell me. I can't really explain how crushing that was. I've had another guy tell me straight up I wasn't worth the risk which is fair enough. I wish I'd been given the option to choose but not everyone is honest about their diagnosis. Fortunately, my current partner thought he had it for years (he didn't!) so he knows how hard it is emotionally to deal with and has been very understanding and doesn't care at all about my diagnosis nowadays :)

Thanks so much for doing this AMA Jenelle, I have enjoyed reading your responses. Sorry I hijacked this comment I just wanted to share my rejection story!