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Thanks for replying.

I've completely succumbed to the hype train, reserving bottles of the rarest all over the place. Running about like a mad-man alcoholic, the problem is, if you drink every single decent beer released, you'd be a mess!

In the spirit of things, I'll be honest though, I'm reluctant to join HonestBrew. While I love what you do, and what you stand for, when I see photos of the beer hauls people take I tend to have tried all the beers you include. It's not to humblebrag, just I have to go a bit further to find new delicious beers.

Cheers for the follow on Instagram this morning btw (@millionbevs), right back at ya!

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Hey, I have a few questions;

1) What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into the "beer" market, whether it be a bottle shop, or mailing service?

2) It is quickly becoming a highly saturated market, and the need to differentiate yourself from others is becoming apparent. The likes of Eebria, Beer52, BeerHawk, Craft Metropolis, Ales By Mail, Hoptimism etc, the list goes on. What is Honest Brew doing to differentiate themselves from the competition?

3) What are your thoughts on the acquiring of certain breweries by the huge behemoth that is ABInbev? Is that your aim to be bought out, or will you strive to maintain independence while utilising your investment?

4) Finally, what are your thoughts on the hype-train surrounding certain beers as of late? Either I'm fairly late to the party on it all, or I have never seen it like it is before. Cloudwater DIPAv3 for example, it's crazy. Unhuman Cannonball - it's scarcely available. People are clamouring for these beers, and yet, a brewery like Buxton are making incredible beers, and are readily available. Where has this fear of missing out appeared from?