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People just think that you die if you go in there. That's the most scary thing in North Korea. That's why people can't speak up, because they're worried about being sent there. My father always told me from a young age to be careful what you say, because if you make a mistake then you get sent to that kind of place.

I also experienced a couple of times where families disappeared from my community. If people move away in a normal way then you say goodbye and you see them leaving in the day time, but these people just disappeared over night. I later found out it was because the father had criticized Kim Jong-il to one of his friends, and that had been reported, so the whole family were taken away. - Sang-hyun

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In the old days people believed that, and older people still largely believe that. But the younger generation does not believe that. It's like how I've noticed that the younger generation in the outside world have different beliefs or culture to the older generation too. - Sang-hyun

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Compared to North Korea, other countries are very developed. I was surprised by IT and the internet the most. - Sang-hyun

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They used to teach people that other people that other countries were worse off than North Korea, but now they say that our country is poor now but that a better future is coming.

  • Sang-hyun

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USA. - Sang-hyun