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Maybe more AMA's? I have a feeling this one in particular would be interesting for North Koreans to get a sense of what kinds of things people want to know about NK...

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Whoa, watching "True Lies," illegally, in NK... there's something bizarrely fitting about that, SH.

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Absolutely- LiNK is a great org to support. And they have a few ways you can help raise awareness: http://libertyinnorthkorea.org/redefining/

One of LiNK's big projects is "Talk Shift" (as in: "Shift Talkers") which aims to change the tone of the convo away from the nukes and high political theater to a serious focus on people.

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Also, folks can check out this recent report LiNK contributed to for The Economist-- it gives another quick snapshot of how market opening may be changing the realities on the ground: http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21571404-sealed-and-monstrously-unjust-society-changing-ways-its-despotic-ruler-may-not-be-able

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Yikes, I've been outed. Sorry we didn't get to this, but check some similar responses: here, here, and here