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Are you kidding?! Mr. Weasley lurrrves muggle artifacts. He obviously just wanted to try it out. Or maybe when your magicked flying car doesn't work, and you're all out of floo powder, and all your old brooms are broken, and for some reason you can't apparate properly, you try the steel bird in the sky?

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False: death.

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You know what I meant.

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I made the awful mistake of starting the Harry Hole series out of order. Someone gave me The Snowman and I just started reading it - no questions asked - and then picked up The Leopard. Now I feel like I just need to start over and read the whole thing. I'm incapable of seeing scary movies, but genuinely appreciate and love your stories that terrify me, make me sleep with the lights on, and make my pulse race. So thanks for that.

I guess I'm just interested in the research goes into starting a new novel? How do you develop these intricate stories and characters? Do you start backwards with an ending or an idea and see what happens? You provide such detail and weave all your content into such a climax. It's truly impressive.