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An AMA with Zia, yes please! Dandys rule OK!?

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Ms Figueres, very glad to see you doing an AMA.

As a preface to my question: too often it feels as if global climate change agreements focus entirely on emissions reduction targets, and do very little to explain how those targets will be achieved. For example, with coal expected to continue to be the world's go-to source for electricity for many decades to come, how can any country - for example India - realistically claim it will be able to reduce emissions without significant (and some would say unrealistic levels of) investment and cooperation from business? Perhaps a global price on carbon would help in this regard, but it's sounding like that's less and less likely.

In short, what good are emissions reduction targets without concrete plans for encouraging investment, and indeed ensuring investment, into energy efficiency and low-carbon sources of energy?

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Looks like a fun event, and I wish it had been running back when I lived in Korea! Right away though I note that this seems to be a distinctly non-Korean event - none of the organisers seem to be Korean, for example, and the website is only in English (with a couple of white folks on the home page).

Aside from your direct friends, have you been able to attract Koreans to previous conventions, or do you expect to do so this year? Do you try to overcome the language barrier, or is the entire schedule run only in English? Are these decisions deliberate, or is it simply a lack of capacity or demand?

Regardless, good luck with what looks like a fun couple of days.