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What information would you present to investors that would convince them to invest in the film? Would it simply be how the film will bring profit and if so how would you "prove" that?

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I read an article recently on how NASA over worked their employees 16 hours a day until they did a small mutiny to change that (they've been all let go after it), my question is: Are there times when it you guys feel like you're not being paid enough or that you're being over worked? If so, how do you think NASA can accomodate to it in the near future?

Thanks again for showing up, I love all the work you science nerds do!

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Penochet as terrible as he was kinda saved the economic state in many areas.

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I personal family friend of mine from Colombia had her entire family apply for it. The application took too long so she decided to enter ilegaly while her family waited. Her whole family is killed now but thankfully at least she received citizenship.

It works in the sense of background checks and process but it takes too much time, time that many people can't afford to give.