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My english bulldog refuses to go for a walk if only one person walks him, it needs to be at least two people. Any advice on this?

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I can not say for Bosnia but in Croatia there was a period of privatization where goverment owned companies were sold to privileged individiuals, or as our first president said we needed to create 200 wealthy families.

Actually most problems in Croatia that happened after the war were never solved:

Corruption is high, there is a lot of nepotism i goverment services. There is a lot of false war veterans which went to pension 20 years of age and they just started to drink and gamble. Our goverment is so bad that teachers are protesting for a month because of low wages and they do not act about it. Last week there was no school classes held because of the protests. But that is fine for most of the people because they are inert and they do not care, they do not even vote.

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By some approximations 50% of college educate emigrated from Bosnia and Hercegovina to Europe.

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Same thing is in Croatia.

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Because politicans are corrupt and worthless and they do nothing but steal and then divert peoples attention to conflict.