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Are the bugs the worst part?

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Are most UBI programs set up with diminishing returns?

By that I mean, we had a pilot program in Ontario, Canada, where for every $1 made, the person would receive $0.50 less UBI until they zero out. (As an aside, the current gov scrapped the project before it finished. Even though they said they wouldn't).

This makes the most sense to me. People still make more money working, but also have a safety net.

What other types of UBI are there?

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I lived in TBay for a year. I miss the Peanut Butter chocolate ice cream flavour at TJ's an absolutely insane amount.

What is your favourite flavour from TJ's?

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Not sure if you're still answering but what's different between the new game and Harbinger?

I bought Harbinger in 2015 and definitely got my money's worth from it. Keep up the good work!

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I'm sure it's still pretty healthy.

People talk about it being way cheaper on the black market but from my wife's experience it's about the same as what my wife used to buy before it was legal.

Why go to some random house when you can just order it online and pick it up at the post office when you get your mail?

I just checked (hasn't ordered in a while) and some of the higher thc stuff is about $4-5 per gram. Edibles suck and are overpriced though.

If you're curious check out OCS.ca