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Large chunks of iron can often cause issues with compasses. If you look at the compasses of large ocean faring vessels, you'll see that they have two large iron spheres on either side to counter interference.

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We fixed that with printed prescriptions. Now the MD's on the floor are too used to them and go bat shit when the printer fails and they have to send out search parties for prescription pads.

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Oh how grand it was to hear him constantly mash the Drew "You're gay" soundbite button every time someone tried to start talking. I need a copy of that for my text message alert.

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This is also why your ER visit takes so long. Just replace a lot of the paperwork with them forgetting to tell you something, then coming back to inform you of the symptom they forgot to tell you about that requires you to completely changer the diagnosis and treatment method. Consider that this happens to us with 50% of patients (yes, 50, we get a lot of slow people in the ER).

Combine that with the fact that we've triaged that "little cough" of yours to the bottom of the list because not only is it not going to kill you in the next 20 minutes, but it's not going to kill you at all, and doesn't even belong in the ER.

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Is that still a thing since Adam's left? I stopped listening when Striker came around.